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Looking For God's Provision

Sustainable Solution Found in an Unlikely Place

Ever wonder what a sustainable solution looks like? Our partners across Africa and southeast Asia continue to inspire us as they find resources God has already given their community to fight disease and encourage healthy living. Often times they come from what God has provided in nature which means they're affordable for every member of the community! Here is a practical prevention method for Jiggers (fleas that burrow into the skin of humans and animals, common in Sub-Saharan Africa) discovered in an Ugandan community by our partner, Henry Mutebi. Should you find yourself in a similar situation, follow these easy steps and you'll be Jigger free in no time!

1- Move everything off the floor space, especially the dust. 2- Pour water on the floor a day prior to smearing to soak the floor properly. 3- Gather all the ingredients for the smear. 1 bucket water, 1 bucket sand, one bucket fresh cow dung. 4- Empty the contents of the cow dung and sand on to the floor that is going to be covered. 5- Slowly pour in the water as you mix the dung and sand together until you get a mixture that's about the consistency of pudding. 6-Smear! Smear the dung along the edges where the wall meets the floor first and then continue in wide sweeping motions.......leaving a thin but sufficient layer of the dung mixture behind. Double up on areas of high traffic like the door ways. 7- Let dry for 30 minutes or until floor becomes light green in color and put all that you want to put. 8-Wash your hands!!

And to answer the question we know is in all your minds, "No!", the cow dung does not smell once it has dried! Phew☺️

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