Sustainable Medical Missions meets the needs of impoverished communities throughout the world who suffer from Neglected Tropical Diseases



Mission Statement: To train and support indigenous healthcare and faith leaders in underdeveloped communities to treat Neglected Tropical Diseases (NTDs) and other endemic conditions affecting the poorest community members by pairing faith-based solutions with best practices.

Vision: Kingdom of God expansion will occur as individuals and communities are set free from the bondage of neglected yet treatable diseases through the empowerment of healthcare leaders equipped with the resources needed to carry out this work.


  • NTD victims need comprehensive solutions that transform their physical, social, psychological, and spiritual problems.  Their “life maps” need changing.

  • Duplication of services will be aggressively avoided, and partnerships with leading health agencies will be fostered and honored.

  • Wise stewardship of resources will be accomplished through field testing of planned concepts and potential solutions to effect best practices.

  • Christian pastor networks will improve access to workers and facilities (i.e. churches) to enhance the treatment of rural victims of NTDs and other neglected conditions.

  • Financial integrity in fund acquisition and utilization will support donor enthusiasm and availability of capital for direct patient care.

  • Simple yet holistic treatment methods will be used to both create and deploy best practice treatment curriculums that succeed by limiting NTD recidivism.

  • All efforts will be honoring to Jesus Christ and intended for His glory.  Successful implementation and outcomes cannot be achieved apart from this.

  • Empowering community healthcare leaders is essential for sustainable efforts that are tailored to fit the strengths and challenges of each community.