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Updated: Aug 20, 2018


Sustainable Med partner in Kenya, Pastor Thomas Odari, was carrying out his team's Jiggers Campaign (seed fund project) in a local school. A village elder was there who informed Pastor Thomas' team of a widow in his village suffering from the same infliction. This brief conversation led to Pastor Thomas' team going to see the widow who had been abandoned by her relatives who thought her infestation of Jiggers was due to a curse or witchcraft (a common myth believed in remote settings leading to community members being ostracized). They were able to dispel this misconception among her neighbors who then rallied around her by assisting his team in building her a home (see photo of man bringing gallons of water on his donkey that he freely gave to those constructing the home). This action most likely saved this woman's life! She was also treated for Jiggers and given medication for intestinal worms. As a result, Pastor Thomas and his church team were able to share the gospel with members of this village, many of whom are now following Christ!

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