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An Everyday Superhero

We want to highlight one of our Sustainable Med Grant recipients Pastor Jacques Ngarukiye from Rwanda, Africa. He has led collaborative efforts to address Intestinal worms and other neglected conditions througheducation, medical care, billboards, online messages and gospel outreach in Kaniga, Rwanda. The work has contributed to the Rwandan Government efforts and provided additional education and eradication of Ascariasis while promoting the Gospel of the Kingdom of God. The SMM training allowed Jacques to also create and lead a local NGO called“EJO TWIFUZA” which means “Striving for the Future “as an implementing agency. We are so proud of deep investment and hard work of our local leaders around the globe that are changing the culture of heath for the better in their communities and leaving positive lasting impact for future generations. We like to think of them as superheroes.

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